Visa Letter Request


Thank you for planning to attend True North Dreamin! As you have found your way here, we would love to assist with a letter of attendance for your Visa request. Please note, we cannot guarantee that this is the only requirement you may have - please ensure that you contact the Canadian consulate in your country to ensure that all requirements you need are fulfilled.

For the letter, please fill out the following form. This information will only be used to complete the letter sent back to you, will be held to the highest level of privacy (we’ll treat it like it was our information), and will be fully deleted after use.  

Please enter your legal name is it is written in your passport or travel documentation.
Please ensure to add your country code (ie: India would be +91, the UK would be +44)
Speaker Detail
This section is for those who may need a Visa, and are speaking at TND.
Session Date
Session Date