Why Attend a Community Conference?

I came across this fantastic article written by the head community organizer of Tahoe Dreamin, now NorCal Dreamin, Bill Greenhaw, entitled “Why you should send your employees to NorCal Dreamin' (or other Salesforce Community Conferences)”.

Bill has been my buddy for many years, and I can always rely on him to tell it like it is. As he has been running Community-led Events for a while now, and has some great experience from behind the curtain, I take what he has to say to heart. That being said, his answers to the question are on pointe for our Canadian Ohana as well.

We’re new to community-led Salesforce conferences up here. True North Dreamin will be the first of it’s kind in Canada. We’re also new to the concept of Ohana in the Salesforce meaning of the word, and what that means on a personal and professional level. So while some folks to the South, or even across the globe, are asking ‘why this community-organized conference’, I’d like to expand that ‘why any community-led conference’ because I feel that’s what folks up here are thinking.

Bill rebuts common concerns voiced by folks on the fence, like:

  • These conferences are just a social, fun gathering

  • The cost is too expensive

  • They will just find another job at the conference

…and his responses hit the nail on the head. These conferences are first and foremost a learning experience. As a matter of fact, TND will (somehow) have more sessions in it’s inaugural year than NorCal Dreamin this year! (NCD also has a 3.5-hour workshop built in!) That’s sessions presented by experts in our field and in our Community. That’s sessions by first time and long time speakers, opening up opportunities for more folks and finding more room around the table. That’s content our attendee’s will take back to work and APPLY to their career.

I wanted to share this article and share more Ohana love with our attendees and those on the fence. There are so many unique reasons to make it to TND19, and very few to argue against attending. I hope Bill’s article urges you towards registering for TND, and if not us, another event where you can learn, be surrounded by support, and noticeably grow your career.