True North Dreamin ‘19

A Salesforce Community-organized CANADIAN event
FROM coast-to-coast-to-coast


July 11th-12th, 2019
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Ottawa (Gatineau, QC)


What is a Dreamin?

Dreamin’ events are a way for Salesforce professionals to gather and learn from each other. Dreamins have become the most accessible way to bring the spirit and energy of Dreamforce to our local Salesforce Trailblazer Communities, be it in France, the UK, Europe, or the United States. While there are dozens of Dreamin Events all over the world, True North Dreamin' is the first in Canada!

Who goes to these things?

Salesforce professionals are our intended audience for TND’19. That means Business Users, Public Sector Users, Non-Profit Users, Administrators, and Developers. We're going to educate, impress, enthuse and surprise you about all things Salesforce. We will have great training and information, but we know that it's the connections you make that will help and shape your Salesforce journey so we've made room for this too. There will also be space for learning relevant soft skills, ways to become more engaged in your local Salesforce Community, and swag.

Wait. There’s a community?

Salesforce has an active and vibrant community of users that regularly meet to help and support each other. The Salesforce community in Canada is comprised of is already large and growing all of the time.

With 26 groups for developers, administrators, nonprofits, marketers, and business users, spread throughout the provinces, the community is probably closer than you expect. The aim is to bring people together to develop relationships and share knowledge whilst having fun at the same time!

This event is a supersized version of what you can expect from the smaller User Group meetings. To find out more about how you can get involved with a User Group near you visit the Trailblazer Community Groups, or click through to a user group near you on this Google Map.


What makes True North Dreamin special?

We want to bring this event to the entire country! We are facilitating User Groups to hold their meetings, or Satellite Events, this summer, and feature our Keynote sessions to their local users. This is also a wonderful opportunity for users to present their own ‘sessions’ at the user group meeting as well.

While this year TND will be in the National Capital Region, we plan on rotating the location of our event to make it even more accessible to our gigantic country.

What can I expect during TND’19?

So much. You will indubitably walk away with:

  • Actionable skills to take back to your day job

  • Genuine and energetic connections (a.k.a. your extended Ohana)

  • Authentic insights into the Salesforce marketplace, ecosystem, products, and community.

Our agenda (which is planned at this time, and subject to change) looks like this:

Thursday, July 11th

Beginning at noon, you’ll be able to take part in the Expo Hall, Career Fair, Keynote Session, Demo Jam, Breakout Sessions, wrapping up with a Networking Reception.

Friday, July 12th

Bright and early, we’ll pick right back up with more of Thursday’s festivities, as well as additional Keynote Sessions, and finally a Fireside Chat to wrap up the evening.

We expect there will be some after hours socializing on the 10th, 11th, and 12th. There are also some fun things to do around the city. We will be hosting a special Haunted Walk around Downtown Ottawa on July 11th.

Our agenda can be found here.